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Welcome To ViP

An Innovative Fuelling Technology
Pioneered By ENOC!

Enjoy the amazing benefits of the innovative ViP technology at any ENOC or EPPCO station. Fit your car with the RFID-based security tag, set your fuel preferences online and let the innovative ViP system do the rest. No more waiting to pay - simply, fill and go! The nozzle will automatically recognise the fuelling preferences you’ve set for your car. Not only is it more convenient to manage the fuelling expenses of all the vehicles in your family through a safe and secure online portal, you can now save time by enjoying a faster refuelling experience at any station. No more waiting to pay - simply - Just fill and Go!

Simply install the smart tag on your vehicles and the ViP system will do the rest!

Fuel up on benefits, every step of the way!


The ViP technology enables a smart refuelling system that understands your fuelling needs and preferences to serve you better.


A fully automated and paperless service that optimises your time by eliminating the need for cash, fuel cards and receipts.


Conveniently manage your fuel expenses with our seamless budget tracking system.


The RFID-based security tag eliminates the risk of unauthorised fuelling.

Install the ViP tag on your vehicle

Let the nozzle automatically recognize your fuelling preferences

Just fill & go!

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