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Welcome to the Future of Refuelling with ENOC's ViP

Step into the next generation of refuelling with ENOC’s ViP – a groundbreaking fuelling innovation! Experience the outstanding advantages of ViP technology across all ENOC and EPPCO locations. Equip your vehicle with the RFID-enabled security tag, personalise your fuel settings via our online platform, and let ViP’s advanced system streamline your fill-up process. Bid farewell to payment queues—now you can just fuel up and be on your way! The pump automatically adjusts to your pre-set fuel preferences, ensuring a swift and precise service. Manage your family's fuel expenses effortlessly with our secure online portal and embrace the convenience of a quicker fuelling process at any of our stations. With ViP, it’s not just about filling up—it’s about upgrading to efficiency. Install the smart tag today, and let ViP transform your fuelling experience.

Get Rewarded with Every Refuel!


Harness the intelligence of ENOC's ViP technology—a savvy refuelling ecosystem tailored to discern and adapt to your unique fuel requirements.


Experience the epitome of efficiency with our automated, paperless service—designed to save your time by forgoing the need for cash transactions, fuel cards, and paper receipts.


Effortlessly oversee your fuel spending using our integrated budget monitoring system, making management a breeze.


Rest assured with our RFID-secured tagging system, which guarantees protection against any unauthorised fuel dispensing.

Install the ViP tag on your vehicle

Let the nozzle automatically recognize your fuelling preferences

Just fill & go!

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