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Streamline Your Business with Intelligent Fuel Management

ViP - Your Comprehensive Fuel Management Partner

Fuel costs are a critical component of business expenses. ViP, our cutting-edge fuel management solution, is designed to keep your operations economical and efficient.

ViP, or Vehicle Identification Pass, leverages advanced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and is crafted by ENOC specifically for fleet managers and owners. It goes beyond traditional fuel cards, offering a robust fuel management system that provides superior oversight and control over your fleet's fuel consumption, along with a seamless, automated payment process.

Crucially, ViP safeguards against unauthorised fuel transactions on your account and removes the need for manual handling in fuel transactions. This fully automated, paperless system dispenses with the need for fuel cards, cash, or paper receipts.

At ENOC, we recognize the distinct requirements of each business. Our ViP specialists are dedicated to understanding your specific fuel management needs and tailoring a solution that aligns perfectly with your business objectives.

How does it works?


A fleet vehicle arrives at any ENOC/EPPCO fueling station for refueling.


The fuel dispenser's nozzle reader antenna employs RFID technology to connect with the vehicle's RFID tag.


The vehicle's details are transmitted to the headquarters for authorization.


Following authorization and confirmation of account status, the fueling process is initiated.


Once refueling is completed, the transaction is automatically billed to the corporate account.


The vehicle is ready to depart immediately after fueling – no delays, just Fill and Go!


The online portal is available at all times for monitoring transactions and managing account information.