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Run Your Business
On Smart Fuel

ViP is your complete fuel
management solution

Fuel consumption is one of the key factors driving business cost. To ensure your business remains on the right track, we present ViP fuel management solution.

Employing the very latest in Radio Frequency Identi cation (RFID) technology, ViP or Vehicle Identication Pass is a revolutionary new system specially developed by ENOC for fleet operators and owners. Unlike conventional fuel cards, this is a comprehensive fuel management solution that enables greater control and monitoring of your fuel usage across your fleet, as well as serves as a convenient and hassle free payment service.

More importantly, ViP eliminates the risk of unauthorised fueling on your account, and eliminates human intervention in the fuel transaction. It is a completely automated and paperless system, which removes the need for fuel cards, cash or receipts.

At ENOC, we understand that every business is unique - so why should our service be any different. Our ViP representatives listen attentively to your business needs and develop a fuel management solution that works best to meet them.

How it works


Fleet car approaches any ENOC/EPPCO fuel dispenser to refuel


Nozzle reader antenna uses RFID technology to communicate with RFID tag in vehicle


Vehicle information is sent to HQ for authorization


Upon authorization, confirmation of account validity, fueling begins


Fueling is complete and account is charged automatically to corporate account


Fill and Go!


Access online portal anytime
to view account transactions and details