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Groundbreaking Solutions for Unmatched Control and Security

Secure Transactions

The ViP fuel management system ensures that only authorized vehicles receive fuel. Any interference with the RFID security chip on the vehicle results in immediate deactivation, safeguarding against unauthorized use.

Fill & Go Convenience

Eliminate the need for fuel cards, cash, or receipts. Simply refuel your vehicle—whether it runs on petrol or diesel—and proceed without delay.

Fill & Save Strategy

Refuel authorized vehicles with the designated fuel type and within pre-set limits, ensuring effective fuel consumption management.

Intelligent Technology

A sophisticated RFID chip embedded in each vehicle facilitates the authorization and recording of fuel transactions.

ENOC Retail & ViP: A Business-Class Experience

  • Employ cutting-edge RFID technology for meticulous fuel transaction monitoring.
  • Benefit from an automated system that removes the wait for a fuel attendant.
  • Prevent fraud and unauthorized refueling with a secure system.
  • Say goodbye to cumbersome invoicing and complex fuel billing processes.
  • Avoid the pitfalls of physical fuel cards that can be lost, misused, or forgotten.
  • Ensure each fueling transaction is authenticated and legitimate.
  • Any tampering triggers an automatic system deactivation for added security.
  • Quick and convenient installation at your location, completed in just 15 minutes.
  • Boost overall operational efficiency and streamline your fuel management.