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Innovative Solutions Ensure
Complete Control

Secure Transactions

With the ViP fuel management solution, no unauthorized vehicles can be refuelled. Tampering with the RFID-based security chip installed on the vehicle will automatically deactivate the device.

Fill & Go

It removes the need for fuel cards, cash or receipts. So you can just fill up your petrol or diesel vehicle and be on your way!

Fill & Save

Authorized vehicles can be fuelled, for the fuel type you decide and the limit you set.

Smart Technology

Each vehicle is embedded with an RFID-based security chip, which authorizes and tracks the fuelling transactions.

ENOC Retail & ViP solution to make your business feel like a VIP

  • Advanced RFID technology tracking each and every fuel transaction
  • Automated and convenient, no need to wait for fuel attendant
  • Elimination of fraud and unauthorized refueling
  • No need for invoices or tedious fuel billing procedures
  • No need for fuel cards which can be misplaced, misused or forgotten
  • Every fuelling transaction is verified and genuine
  • Tampering will automatically deactivate the system
  • Installation can be done at your site, within 15 minutes
  • Helps increase overall operational efficiency