• Frequently Asked

ViP tag fittings are exclusively conducted by certified retail personnel, proficient in the proper installation procedures at ENOC/EPPCO stations. To preserve your ViP tag warranty, avoid unauthorised installations.
  1. Fill out the comprehensive ViP vehicle application.
  2. Provide your original Emirates ID.
  3. Submit a copy of your vehicle registration.
  4. For tourists, submit a copy of your original Emirates ID/Passport.
  5. Our retail staff will add the new vehicle to your account and will ask you to enter your PIN to confirm the registration.
  6. The retail staff will then install the activated ViP tag onto your vehicle.
Reload your account by visiting the ViP portal at https://vipselect.enoc.ae with your credit/debit card, or by dropping by any ENOC/EPPCO station.

Please Note:
The minimum amount for a reload is AED 100.

Yes. However, you need to inform the fuel attendant prior to fuelling.
Yes, you can, but you won’t be able to use the ViP tag.
Each vehicle equipped with ViP will feature a ViP sticker inside the fuel tank lid, easily seen by the fuel attendants.
Indeed, the tag will be activated right after installation is completed.
Certainly, you have the option to select both types of petrol for each vehicle.
No need for multiple accounts; one account can manage several vehicles/tags.
Yes, you can add an unlimited number of vehicles to a single account by visiting any ENOC/EPPCO station.
Visit the ViP portal https://vipselect.enoc.ae or by calling 800 ENOC (3662).
If your ViP account doesn't have enough funds, you won't be able to fuel using it. However, you can always pay with cash or credit/debit card instead.
Upon registration, you will receive your login details at the email address you have provided.
Through the ViP portal, you are empowered to:
  • Deactivate any of your registered vehicles
  • Modify the vehicle plate number/code
  • Adjust the monthly fuel limit
  • Update your registered email address and mobile number
  • Access the fuel transaction history for all your registered vehicles
  • Verify available funds and account balance
  • Review the list of active registered vehicles, along with their respective limits and products.
You will receive notifications according to the preferred method of communication you've chosen on the application form.
Before selling your vehicle, it's essential to deactivate it by either logging into your ViP online account at https://vipselect.enoc.ae or by contacting 800 ENOC (3662). Please be aware that ENOC/EPPCO will keep charging your account for any transactions that occur before you notify them of the vehicle's sale.
Should you need to deactivate your tag, do so promptly by accessing your ViP online account at https://vipselect.enoc.ae or by reaching out to 800 ENOC (3662). Subsequently, you can have a new tag installed at any ENOC/EPPCO station.
No, each ViP tag is exclusive to the vehicle it is issued to and cannot be moved to a different vehicle, transferred to another owner, or used within another vehicle on the same account.
Yes, the ViP tag is solely for vehicle verification purposes.
Yes. The ViP tag will only verify the vehicle.