The Quest for Convenience: ENOC's Pioneering Journey in the UAE

ENOC, a leader in the UAE's energy sector, operates 119 ENOC and EPPCO service stations, serving an impressive 120 million customers annually. They've earned accolades for innovative retail services, notably launching the region's first 'green fuel station' powered by solar energy, a pioneering step towards 54 sustainable stations by 2020.

ENOC's retail spectrum extends beyond fuel services, marked by quality and evolving growth in car care and food services. AutoPro, known for its convenience and professionalism, offers impeccable car maintenance with skilled technicians. ProWash complements this with high-tech automatic and specialized manual car washes, utilizing eco-friendly detergents and water recycling systems. Tasjeel, a comprehensive center for vehicle testing and registration, leverages advanced technology and trained professionals for efficient service.

In the realm of convenience stores, ZOOM stands out with over 225 outlets across the UAE and the Instashop app for grocery delivery. ZOOM, a Superbrand for six years, is joined by Pronto, a fresh bakery also achieving Superbrand status, and Paavos Pizza, offering fresh baked pizza and pasta. Expanding its food services, the Popeye’s Chicken franchise is set to grow to 35 locations soon.

ENOC Retail, committed to high service standards and quality, assumes a leadership role in the market, driving change towards a smarter, brighter future.

ZOOM has established itself as the friendly neighbourhood convenience store just around the corner, with more than 225 outlets across the UAE, and the Instashop app, which offers convenient grocery delivery. ZOOM has been a Superbrand for 6 years, with Pronto, the fresh bakery also attaining Superbrand status this year. The addition of the Paavos Pizza brand has brought fresh baked pizza and pasta with the excellent prompt service that our customers have come to expect from all of our retail brands. Likewise, the Popeye’s Chicken franchise has extended our offering and is scheduled to expand to 35 locations in the near future.


With ENOC Retail’s commitment to providing high standards of service and quality, it takes a leadership role in the market, inspiring change towards a smarter and brighter future.

Facility Services Retail Outlets in UAE
ENOC Gas Stations 67
EPPCO Gas Stations 52
Zoom Convenience Store/Market 225
AutoPro Auto Repair and Maintenance 33
ProWash Car Wash and Cleaning 38
Tasjeel Vehicle Testing & Registration 14