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    & Installation


Fueling Up is a Breeze

Swiftly Transition to Efficient Fueling with ENOC/EPPCO

From Select Card to ViP RFID in Just 30 Minutes
Join the forefront of fueling convenience with the innovative ViP Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system. With Autopro as your transition ally, expect a rapid and smooth shift to this cutting-edge fueling technology.

Convenient locations made available for you:

Autopro 7007

Inside ENOC Petrol Station,
beside Al Khail Mall

Installation Timing
8am until 10pm, six days a week
(Saturday to Thursday)

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Autopro 7030

At the Autopro in ENOC Site 1030.
Opposite side of Al Shabab Club and
Century Mall along Cairo St.

Installation Timing
8am until 10pm, six days a week
(Saturday to Thursday)

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Fleet Management

Field installation can be arrange if the company has 50 vehicles or more, and depends on the schedule of the field installers (team).

Booking an Appointment

Activation of the RFID/VIP device, and other card related concerns.

04 313 3100


Operating hours Sunday to Thursday, from 8am until 3pm

During the call, please ensure the following details are available:

1) Company/group or department name.
2) Quantity of vehicles and theirmake and model
3) Vehicle plate number

Please note the following:

  1. Customer will be notified through email and phone regarding the schedule of installation.
  2. Bring your Select Card (if existing customer), Car Registration and Company ID during the installation.
  3. Please book the time in your calendar. Autopro will not be making a reminder call for this VIP installation.
  4. Installation processes in both sites are on queue, and will follow a first come first serve basis, therefore its best suggested for the fleet manager to plan and send the vehicles for installations.
  5. Cancellation of scheduled field installation should be advised 2 days prior to the planned visit.

What to expect and bring during installation?

  1. You will be received by the Autopro Staff and you will require to present the following:
    • Your company ID
    • Your Select Card (if existing customer)
    • Mail communication (printed)
  2. You will be guided to drive your vehicle to the assigned bay.
  3. For your convenience and safety, you will be requested to wait in the Autopro Waiting Room while we install the RFID tag. The installation process will require us to:
    • Drill holes at the fuel inlet to securely fasten the antenna and the tag.
    • At the end of the installation, a VIP sticker will be attached inside the gas lid.
    • Photo shows the RFID tag and VIP sticker.
  4. After the installation, you will need to sign on the RFID Tag and Monitoring Sheet.
  5. Within 24 to 72 hours, activation will be made.
  6. For any CARD related concerns, you may call (300 3133 - 04) for the device status update.