• Beat the heat
    Just drive in, Refuel & Go

  • Adding innovation to
    everyday’s journey

  • Maximise your
    business mileage

  • Less fuel time
    More drive time

  • Integrated fuel solutions
    for your bus fleet

  • Manage your fleet
    over water

  • Fuel up the
    smart way

Fuel Prices

July 2024

Special95 at AED2.88 | Diesel at AED2.89

Diesel at AED2.89 | Super98 at AED2.99

Super98 at AED2.99 | Special95 at AED2.88

Welcome To ViP

An Innovative Fuelling Technology
Pioneered By ENOC!

Enjoy the amazing benefits of the innovative ViP technology at any ENOC or EPPCO station. Fit your car with the RFID-based security tag, set your fuel preferences online and let the innovative ViP system do the rest. No more waiting to pay - simply – Just Fill & Go!

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